The Mani Peninsula

Europe’s southernmost peninsula lies more south than Antalya, Tunis, Algiers or Malaga, north-west of Crete in the Mediterranean.
Spring is from December to April in the Mani Peninsula with mild, changeable weather. Short heavy downpour and sun alternate. In January, the sun is usually shining 4 hours a day.

From mid-March to mid-May the Mani Peninsula blooms. Lush green herbs, wild orchids, poppies and marguerites make this season a memorable one.

Summer goes from early June to late October. There is no rain, one day sunnier than the next, fragrant herbs, bathing, water sports, and starry nights.

The sea remains at least 20 degrees until November . November and December bring the first rainfalls of the Mani Peninsula. Numerous wild daffodils and cyclamen bloom in December, when Olives and Oranges are harvested.

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